When it comes to our services this really does focus around setting up a business and what we can provide for the business in question, we can help anyone looking to get into business for the very first time at any age as we do believe age should not be an issue. We can help individuals to get back into business after failing previously (of which most of us have done before, it’s about how strong you come back that really matters). We can advise on new product ideas or launches or how to launch, this could be an idea in someones mind that they/you have had for years or just an ‘eureka’ moment of genuis!

setting up a small businessIn this current climate setting up a business or even setting up a small business can be something added to an existing day job to add extra pennies to the monthly family pocket, where we can excel is by helping relise their potential and skills and home into building a small business startup. With so many different processes in starting a new business, we can very much help from the bottom up and help create a wonderful business.


  • Looking at whether we can help.
  • Checking out the competition.
  • Building a basic foundation.
  • Creating a name, brand and design.
  • Choosing a bank, accountant & deciding on funding (if needed).
  • Launching, building and advising further.
  • Keeping an eye on the new business and helping where needed.
  • We don’t charge costly fees and are realistic.
  • Always being at the end of the telephone or by email.

Setting up a business


setting up a business



We believe business is simply like a roadmap, you take a look at the idea or creation and set a criteria to help build the business on. I suppose it is like us helping setting up a business and putting all of the pieces together.

If we knew what we know today we wouldn’t have made all of the mistakes along the way, but it is the mistakes that have happened that have made us stronger and more wiser! This is what we can and will pass to every new business owner and at lest get everyone new client a great start of their new business venture, and this will also get you above your competition.

Starting a business

We put all of the pieces together and help on:

  • Help setting up small business.
  • Advice on starting a business.
  • Assistance on business ideas.
  • Offering business support.
  • Tips on setting up a business.
  • Frequently asked questions on starting a business.
  • Guidance on starting a business.

So now you hopefully understand what we can do for you, click here to go to our contact us page.






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