setting up a businessWhen you have made the plunge and made the decision that today is the day when you are going to start setting up a business, their are many things to consider but we have decided to talk and think about mobile phones! Although it is coincidence that we have coincided with the new release of the iPhone 5 🙂 Basically in this day and age it is super important to have a mobile phone, because one single minute without one is a potential of lost revenue. These days the world has gone made for phones and they do play an important part of setting up a business.

So do you choose an iphone, blackberry, HTC, Samsung or something different? We would always suggest deciding what your business needs are. Will it be used for the obvious… talking! or will it be used for email, or even both.  The latest mobiles are do a similar job but lets look at some roles to choose and help you setting up a small business.

Lets say you are going into estate agency, we would suggest an iPhone would be perfect as you can take many  pictures of a the marketed property and the phone is linked directly back to your pc or mac, so by the time you get back to the office it will be there like magic. This particular phone is also great for internal downloadable apps that could work with your business and also a superb email system while out and about. Another good feature that would work along side this small business is the mapping system to help find addresses of potential sellers. Although the Samsung and HTC do something similar it isn’t a Apple Iphone.

Another work role in setting up a business would be a jobbing builder, a perfect phone for him or her would be a blackberry mainly because of the phone call capabilities as well as a robust mobile. This type is solid, great on email (with the blackberry server, it works pretty much anywhere) and also calls to work colleagues.

With a great selection available go to the shops and test a few and see what could work with you when setting up a business, also remember that mobile phones these days are also great for buying and selling products online, so if you want a few tip on how to setup a online shop we can also help with this too!

Thanks for reading

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