Tax is arguably the most complex area for people who are starting a business. The tax code is constantly evolving and it can feel impossible to keep up with the latest developments at times. Among the many big decisions entrepreneurs have to make when setting up a new company is how to manage their tax affairs.

While large companies usually have the option of handling tax in-house, it is likely that newer organisations are going to need outside help. Choosing the right tax advisers is a huge decision for a businessman. Ideally, they will have experience of working with firms in a similar field. Those starting a business will also want their tax advisers to be used to working with new companies, as this poses a different challenge to established firms.

Entrepreneurs also need to ensure their chosen tax advisers have all the skills they need, for example in areas such as auditing, insolvency and investment. Having regular contact with tax advisers is key, so companies must find experts who can be reached easily. Qualifications should also be checked to make sure advisers are of the right standard. It is important to take time over the decision. Meet with a few different tax advisers before choosing which one will handle the company finances. This will provide a feel of how they work and whether or not they will be a good fit for the business.

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