do I need social mediaDo I Need Social Media?

So the big question is Do I Need Social Media? The simple answer when setting up a small business is Yes! Social media these days can be absolutely great for so many reasons, like building a brand identity, sharing great ideas or even general chit chat. But one thing which is very true is social media is truly massive these days and everyone has access to some form whether that is facebook, twitter, google plus. Plus there are several If not hundreds are others like pinterest, stumbleupon, linkedin and so many more to choose from.

So our answer is Yes when we get asked the question Do I Need Social Media. With such a vast variety of business available these days, it is very important to choose social platforms that are suitable to your business, for instance pick something that you may enjoy or have time for, choose a system to use it on whether a PC, tablet or phone.

Setting Up A Business

When setting up a business choose which areas you intend on covering, local, national or worldwide and then choose a social platform to help your new business. Facebook is an obvious platform which has massive amounts of coverage worldwide. Twitter is also a greta business tool and both can get you a boost when initially starting out.

So the important basics here is to make sure you do social media, whether you are 15 or 75!

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