Social Media MarketingThe last few years have seen a significant change in the way we use social media, especially for when you set up a new business. Social media marketing has gone from an afterthought, to the first thing most new businesses will consider: even before setting up a website, many entrepreneurs will create Facebook and Twitter pages. So to help you optimise your social media marketing, here are three top tips.

1. Only post quality content

This sounds obvious, but you have no idea how many businesses get this wrong. People do actually read what you post on social media, and if you post low quality, self-promotional content, then they’re likely to delete or unfollow. Posting quality content ensures you gain followers and friends, spread the word about how great your brand is, and drive sales. Posting quality blogs, funny images related to your business, and thoughtful tweets is always better than click bait.

2. Schedule your posts

What’s the point of posting quality content if no one is around to see it? Scheduling your posts means that you maximise views, and in doing so optimise your posting. Once you’ve posted a few times, you’ll be able to see when your posts attract the most activity, and then you can schedule your future postings to coincide with this.

3. Let your personality shine through

Social Media Marketing is also a great way to stand out from your competitors, and letting your personality shine through is a great way to do this. Be funny, original and creative, and you’ll stand apart from big business and corporations – as long as it’s family friendly and on-brand, go for it!

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