mortgage advisersWhatever you want nowadays, you can find it somewhere online. If you want a loan, you’re spoilt for choice. When it comes to getting a mortgage, however, there is a difference. The banks and other financial institutions are all trying to steer people towards their own products. The pressure is unrelenting.

Unrestricted access means the best deal

Unlike banks, a mortgage advisor can go anywhere they want in order to get the best possible deal for you. They can sometimes even get a preferential rate for you. They are also obliged to find the most suitable mortgage to meet your particular circumstances, even if your credit isn’t so good.

Mortgage advisors are qualified to advise you (many bank and call centre staff are not) and they’ll be honest with you. What’s more, they’ll also consider your other needs, such as insurance.

A duty of care, freedom from stress and a complete service

Perhaps the best reason for using a mortgage advisor is that they do all the work for you and free you from the associated stress. They must also exercise a legally binding duty of care towards their clients, as well as making entirely sure that everything is clear and fully understood.

They want you to come back when your circumstances change in the future and as a result, they are ready and willing to build a lasting relationship with you that is built on honesty and transparency. In short, it is simply not in their interests to give you anything other than the best possible service.

Yes, you may pay a fee, but for the peace of mind and expertise on offer, it is well worth it.

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