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On May 22, 2014, in Business Conferences & Events, by admin

Marquee Hire for EventsIf you’re planning to hold an important event outside where there will be a large gathering of people with food, drinks and speeches, you want to be sure you’ve thought of everything and there is no major or minor catastrophe on the day.

One thing you can definitely predict with a degree of certainty is the unpredictability of our great British weather. There’s just no way you can be sure what the weather is going to be like in this country, despite what the forecasters say.

We’re an island with a maritime climate and our weather is variable, to say the least. In any case, most outdoor events are planned well in advance so you want to know your guests or clients are going to be adequately sheltered.

Have you thought about marquee hire? Putting up a marquee is a great way to host an occasion outdoors so that even if it does rain, your guests will be warm and dry. The recently televised Great British Bake Off competition was held in a marquee over several weeks and if the contestants’ soufflés failed to rise the weather certainly wasn’t to blame!

A light and airy marquee can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere than you get inside a stuffy hall or a sterile conference suite in a city-centre hotel. Marquee hire is well worth considering if you have the space and want somewhere a bit more informal for your corporate or private event.

Complete Marquees in Hampshire offer a wide range of sizes and can accommodate all your catering and seating needs. Ideal for outdoors, marquees also work well within a large indoor space, such as a hanger, tram building or grand hall. They provide a superb service that is unrivaled throughout their catchment in Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset and West Sussex and offer a solution for any new business event.

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