There are a multitude of points that could be considered under this header, a myriad of angles from which to observe it. However, here’s a simple premise to work with: have an old-fashioned attitude and then deliver it in a modern way. This is even more important when you start a business, and need to introduce yourself to a world of potential customers.

You’d think that having an online presence is the answer to everything, but we’ll come to that. Let’s start with the traditional part of the argument. To succeed in business you need to produce a product or service that people need or want. Your aim is then to clearly identify who your customers are, what they need to know, and how best to tell them. Finally, as potential purchasers, each needs to be able to make a purchase simply and easily, and feel that they are valued customers.

This is as true today as it was if you were to open a drapery shop or ironmongery store half a century ago. Of course, back then, you’d be telling them in their local paper or perhaps by sending out a letter (and these may still be a part of your strategy).

Which brings us to the modern part of the equation. Find the places where your potential customers are now – be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like. Accept that you need to work on your online information provision to match the needs of key search engines. Talk to them in ways they will respond to – or share.

In reality, the business proposition doesn’t change – but, to succeed, its delivery needs to be constantly tweaked!