Finance for Used Vans for Startup BusinessesIf you’re working for yourself as a self employed person, or are just in the process of setting up a business or already running a small business, chances are that you need a van to make deliveries or carry equipment to and from jobs. A good, reliable used van is probably one of the best investments any small firm or sole trader can make in his or her business. With a van you can get out there and make some money!

Vans come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a lot of choice available, and even at national firm who offer various vans for sale say that Diesel engines tend to be more economical but modern petrol engines can be really fuel efficient as well. The advances in engine technology also means that even a used van with high mileage can be a good investment – so long as the price is right. Like cars, vans can clock up considerable mileage without any difficulty these days, provided they have been well looked after and regularly serviced over the years. There’s nothing to stop you asking to see the vehicle’s service record before you buy a used van – and reputable dealers will always be happy to oblige.

If buying a used van is important to the success of your business, even a bad car finance record doesn’t have to prevent you from being able to afford one. There are a number of specialist companies who offer finance at affordable rates, and over an agreed period that may be more manageable, especially if finances are tight. With a good used van at your disposal, you’ll be able to earn enough to meet your car finance commitment. A missed mortgage payment or something similar in the past, doesn’t have to mean you can’t get credit again in the future.