Tablets Can Be a Great Business Tool

On October 15, 2013, in Business Apps, by admin

It is funny to think that six years ago most of us simplyApple ipad Mini Tablet used our home computers or laptops for business work. But nowadays Tablets have risen to the market and are becoming a general part of everyday life, first there was the Apple version called the iPad which came after the huge success of the iPhone. Then Samsung and Amazon respectively joined the tablet race with the Galaxy tab and the Kindle and now with all the apps available through all the different operating systems.

All tablets are portable and can be great for business; with many being truly portable and can access either your home or business wifi or connecting to 2g, 3g or the latest 4g. In the past a desktop was really used for the office and laptops great for some portability, but with all laptops you have to take a bag and set it up, tablet devices are simply open and use within 10 seconds.

What is the best Tab to Choose?

Depending on cost available to the business you could go for the cheapest being an ATTAB 4.3 which uses the Android system and have access toi Google Play and costs only £49, which is a great starter. The negatives of buying a cheaper version is that you can access your emails and some basic apps, but you won’t be able to use it anywhere in the world or on the go. For any salesman this could hinder performance. Then the latest Google Nexus 7 priced at a modest £199 is a more advanced model, a faster system and access to Android using the Jelly bean system. But again the downsides are not being able to use on the go.

If you are a start up business then getting what is best for the best price really comes down to your business needs, but the Apple iPad and Mini version has all the better apps for business. Plus you can insert a micro sim and get 3 or 4g which means you can use on the go and not have to find a Wifi signal somewhere. You can even get a iPad Mini at a great price from £269, yes you only get 8gb of space, but the system is faster and much more responsive thatn most other models.

Our Best Business Choices

  • Apple iPad mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Nexus
  • Microsoft Surface

samsung galaxy tabletAll Tabs will have an email system to add your or yahoo account mail, all will have access to the internet from different browsers like Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, which are perfect to view any kind of website design online. If you run a company in surveying, then being able to take pictures and instantly email them back to your office is simple with all tablets, especially the iPad and Surface. We all must remember the old days when we had a mobile phone with a terrible camera, so we had to take out a brick of a camera to simply to take pictures then go back to the office and download them all to our computer via usb. Then we have probably all had those terrible computer issues were our system crashes and who to call, luckily we’ve got Plates PCs who are a Computer Repairs in Southampton Company. But for many business owners out there it isn’t always a easy ride!

There is an Application for Anyone and Everything

In truth there are many applications on the market and some do email and some can help create graphs, there are also ones that can modify images for websites on the go.  Even being able to keep up with the latest technology news or simply checking on the weather, especially if you work outside, pure and simply there is an application to download for anything or one to help improve your everyday life.

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