Success in Business – 26.2 Miles

On September 23, 2014, in Basic Startup Tips, by admin

Thousands of people start successful businesses every year, and they all begin with a simple idea and a little motivation. There is no secret to success – to turn that idea into something else, something big, takes tenacity, hard work, and the right skills to put into practice. Setting up a business is comparable to running a marathon; you have an end goal comprised of many steps, there are techniques that will help you along the way, and once you have achieved your goal, you look forward to the next one.

So what are the techniques required to turn that million pound idea into a tangible reality? One of the most valuable skills to have in the business world is the art of negotiation. Once you have a selection of prospective suppliers, build relationships to get a sense of their reliability, request estimates, and use those relationships to negotiate terms and prices. However, beware, as some business find out the hard way that it’s not always about the best price. If a supplier is more expensive, ask why. Do they have better lead times, a higher standard of service or delivery? Negotiation is not always about price.

In conjunction, an equally vital skill to possess when setting up a business is the proficiency to sell. An effective sales process starts by determining the consumers wants and needs, rather than just focusing on what you are attempting to sell them. When you focus on the consumer rather than the product, the consumer generally responds.

Ultimately, commitment and motivation are the vital ingredients to a successful business. That combined with a good business mind, the ability to develop new skills, and a little of whatever it is that drives you to grow that simple idea into a true reality.

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