Registering a domain nameIf you have decided to start up a business and assuming that no one has beaten you too it, anyone can register a brand new domain name which will become your chosen URL for your new website design.

But the question is what extension do I pick? Do I go with a .uk or .com or even a .net, with so many to choose from it can be daunting. The best way to decide is; firstly decide on a few different business names and see if they are available and you can do this through many domain providers. If your chosen name is available then we suggest using a for an UK based business or company, and use a .com or .net for worldwide interaction. Leaving other extensions like for personal blog use.

So what is a Domain Name?

Simply put.. The reason we need domain name is because they are friendly and better for us humans to remember, imagine talking with a friend or a potential customer about your website address and saying a load of long numbers. That is hard to remember and also harder to write down and give out. If you have something easy to remember that can be memorable or personal to you, it makes it far easier to pass onto others.

So we use domain names in the UK to identify websites. Nowadays we see web pages throughout out lives, on the side of vans, in magazines, and mostly online through search engines like Google or Bing.

Adrian of a key web hosting company, says: “The key rule of thumb is ‘you always get exactly what you pay for” and this is always true online. Our charges for a new website start from only £150 and this includes a domain, hosting and website design petersfield, you do hear from many online development companies charging hundreds of pounds for a domain name, but simply put you can register a domain name for under a tenner! The only reason you should pay more is from a domain name sales agent that may have either an old domain for sale, or something that is memorable.


What does it Cost to register a Domain Name?

The best way to find out is to Google search ‘domain names’ and you’ll clearly see the top five answers selling a new domain extension from £3.49 a year to a new .co from £29.99. But be careful as some providers tie you into a contract for hosting, and we have seen it sometimes hardf to move domains from one provider to the next. In some cases you don’t actally own the domain name in question, so double check the small print and ask all the questions before entering into a contract.

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