Picking up the phone to saleWith the rise of inbound marketing, many businesses are focusing on activities to provide inbound leads. This is great, but outbound marketing is still important too. When you’re trying to build up your customer base, you shouldn’t wait for people to get in touch with you – pick up the phone and make some calls! Here are three reasons to consider making more sales calls.

Find the right kind of clients

When you spend more time on your outbound marketing, you can choose who to contact. This means that you’re more likely to acquire the type of customers that you want to have. The more time you spend researching prospects, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to convert the people you’re calling into clients. Take the time to fully understand your target market before calling – what problems will you solve for them? Be more targeted with your approach and develop a manageable list of suitable prospects. Always try to find the name and contact details of the decision maker, in order to get the best results.

Convert website visitors into clients

If you capture data on your website (e.g. for newsletter subscriptions), always follow up with a sales call. If someone has subscribed to your newsletter, or provided their details for another reason on your website, it means they’re interested in what you have to offer. A well-timed sales call can improve your chances of converting website visitors from leads into customers.

Retain your existing customers

If someone hasn’t bought from you for a while, calling to remind them who you are and what you can help with can increase the profitability of that client.  Whether you are setting up a new business or simply looking to boost the one you have, taking time to make the call and change will have a dramatic effect.

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