What will you choose to view search results online?

The internet, as a medium, is fast-changing, with new technologies forcing it to evolve into an altogether better place, and so too are the ways we’re accessing it and viewing search results.

In the recent past, internet access was limited to either the PC or Mac, whereas today, a range of devices offers people the choice to do so much more. This has clear implications for search engine optimisation, because with the swift rise of the tablet computer and smartphone, more and more people are now accessing the internet – and getting their search results – on the go.

The search engines are all too aware of the trend, and some have been struggling to keep up. Now, companies that are not configured online for mobile access may well find themselves yesterday’s online news, along with search engines that fail to develop new offerings.

Leading website marketing companies agree by saying: “That’s why global search engine leader Google (commanding around a 60% market share), is swiftly moving towards mobile; it’s rewarding sites that are mobile-ready with higher rankings while pushing those that are not further down – because functionality is crippled if responsive design is not part of a website’s makeup”.

Many firms, of course, are complying, which means it doesn’t matter what device you’re using to get your search results, because the search engines and the sites you’re looking for will more than likely be configured for whatever you’re using.

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