Merchant-Services-PaymentsSo you’re currently in the process of setting up a small business and you’re slowly, but surely ticking off everything on your list of things to do, which are legally required. After months of getting everything sorted, you’ve finally made it, you’ve got new clients ready to start work on and your first day as a new Managing Director and CEO of the company has arrived.

When setting up any new small business, it’s normally planned and developed by a team of just one person; you, so things are bound to be missed off. It’s natural, but everything falls into place once the company is up and running. One of the things that many businesses forget, whether they’re a big blue chip company or a local smaller one, is their merchant services.

There are different forms of card payments out there and these include:

  • Chip and pin
  • Online payments
  • EPOS systems

With various merchant that are available throughout the UK, most are the UK’s leading merchant services who offer all of the above services, as well as offering you free advice on the most effective ways to reduce costs within your business. They’re an independent merchant services company, which is why there is no catch involved or any unwanted, extra fees included. They’re in it for you and not for themselves.

Most merchant service companies provides free services to businesses, especially to those who are setting up a small business, they will break down and simplify their services and offer all year round support. But please note that they are not a card payment provider, or a lead generation company and they certainly won’t sell on your enquiry.

So, if you are setting up a small business or you’ve just started then please consider the benefits of using a professional and trustworthy merchant services companies throughout the UK. You can find their information over on their website and we highly recommend that you get in touch with them.

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