When you take a look around your home or business, a simple wall colour change can really transform your space. This is were the painting and decorating contractors really com into their own!

Imagine the scenario, you haven’t painted your house in 10 years, the gloss has gone slightly off white and the wallpaper is started to peel off the walls. What do you do? The simple answer is go onto google.co.uk and ‘search’ for painting and decorating contractors, see who is on the list and choose at least 3 contractors, and get those quotes coming in!

We spoke to Bird Property Services, a painters and decorators Waterlooville. They offer residential, commercial and industrial decorating. They were very quick at responding and said; You can transform a work space or room at home, by simply changing the style, this could be one wall, or a complete re-decoration. You could go from a dreary grey, to a bright yellow and this could change your area and could even change your mood.

Whether you are at home or work, the colours that are on the walls around you and the style you have set up can really change a mood setting. For work it could be your happier staff or the way the your customer enter your area and what they think immediately about you and your business. At home you could go modern, retro or something more funky, but either way your home says something about you and your family. You don’t have to impress anyone, but the correct colours and schemes can transform your mood, and for those around you.

So next time you think about moving, simply stay were you are and improve what is around you.

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