Colours Influence Shopping


Colours really do influence everyday shopping, and here’s why…

Did you know that Colours Influence Buying? It’s true that over 65% of UK consumers are completely unaware that colours actually influence their shopping behaviour. It is said that an average of 23% or people correctly picked out certain business characteristics with certain colours, reflecting connections that have been proven through many years of research by the experts.

Across areas such as creativity, customer service and economic success, those who were able to select a colour to main business attributes within the place of work did so with a knowledge that shouts colour expertise. For example Red is the proven colour that most retail buyers associate with economic success, prosperity and the most successful businesses. Blue is the favourite colour with a massive 30% of people choosing it above all other colours. It is also seen as the most brain stimulating colour for a perfect working environment and is also the most common colour that the larger business organisations use, as it seems it is a corporate colour.  Black has and has always been viewed as the most professional colour, and seeing as black is the easiest of colours to use this will always be the case. Last by no means the least he best colour is green, or racing green was picked as the freshest colour and the most associated with great customer service and for any company a great colour for a clean, crisp and fresh look.

At Setting up a Business we believe that the general person is truly unaware that whether someone is everyday shopping, driving in their car or simply crossing the road colours very much influences them. Subconsciously we or you take note on colours, we put trust in every companies chosen brand colours that are used whether we know it or not. It has also been proven that in many years of research over 80% of colour influence is based on instinct, and we suppose this can be good for business. In the subconscious area of the human brain it is highly proven that it responds to the colours that we see which goes back to the primal instincts of flight or fight, showing that colours influence shopping.

When you next think about Setting up a Business UK have a good think and strategise what colours you use, what suits your business and what others may think of what you are trying to achieve and show. Get it right and you will succeed and get it wrong and possibly struggle for success. If you need business tip then have a look at our dedicated page for Setting up a Business Tips here.

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