Careers in the IT Business

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Twenty years ago, a career in IT was strictly reserved for the brainiacs; often socially inept and lacking any excitement. Said characters would clock in at 9am every day, sit in their grey cubicle for nine hours staring at a screen of digits and code, before going home. Silence. All day. Today is a different story. The dingy cubicles of solitude have been replaced with helter skelter slides and free gumball machines. Lacklustre personalities have been transformed into and replaced by dynamic, hipster cool kids complete with designer stubble and geek chic glasses. The end of the day doesn’t mean you go home to your cat and computer games, but for a cold one at with your fellow work mates. A career in IT has never looked so appealing.

In a world where creativity is king, IT has risen and adapted into the ‘go to’ career for many people. Designing a website has always been a skill, but today it’s a skill which is far more accessible to learn, although specialist to master. The rush of creating a site which will sell millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise is something that can be compared to a rock star at a sellout gig. Maintaining websites is something which used to be monotonous and dreary, but now it is people-related. You want to make the site better, faster, flawless for your client, and you know just how to do it. You hold the key.

IT has most definitely had the makeover of a generation. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the revolution? Few careers are as mysterious and satisfying as the world of IT. We have an idea where technology will go in the next decade, but who knows for sure? It is constantly surpassing mankind’s expectations, and it is a career and a skill that never stops developing.


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