Building a Team

On May 14, 2015, in Basic Startup Tips, Management, by admin

When you’re setting up a business, finding the right people for each job is one of the biggest and most important challenges. There are two aspects to building a team, but many businesses owners think only about the first.

Skills and ability

You need to find the right person for the job. Exactly how you do this will depend on your personal preference and which skills and abilities you’re looking for, but typically, people are hired through a combination of interviews, tests and assessments. Potential employees will send CVs or completed application forms, so that you can whittle all of your applicants down to a short-list of suitable candidates to interview and assess in more detail.

No two people will have the exact same CV, the same qualifications and the same past experience, so it’s entirely possible to choose who to hire based on skills and ability alone, but don’t forget the other aspect that’s often even more important…

Culture fit

Hiring based on culture fit will enable you to find someone that will feel happy and motivated in their role, which is important for them and is just as important for you. A happy and comfortable worker that fits with your business will be the best person for the job. This isn’t about being discriminatory but about getting to know a potential employee on a slightly deeper level, looking beyond the CV. Trial days are excellent for letting you and your potential employee assess the situation further, so that you can both decide if the pairing is right for you.

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