Many businesses that are around these days that have been around for 10, 20 or even 30 years are most definitely doing something right. But, and there is always a but.. do they move with the times, or simply just survive in the past? The honest question is that most build their business, and keep to their principles of when they started up their business but simply have forgotten the golden rules of when to and when to not change.

comet-logoIn today’s modern world that of the companies that refuse to not change there ways have suffered from the collapse of there business, and those that have wanted to stay but have struggles to adapt have again failed. Some of the more recent businesses that have struggled and failed, but managed to secure investment are those of ‘Jessops’ luckily snapped up by Dragon’s Den star himself Peter Jones, but other firms such as ‘Woolworths’, ‘Comet’ and many others that have gone simply haven’t adapted to the world around them.

What does Change Mean to my Business?

If you look at your business, and for example your business may be simply be a business aimed at selling a service. This could be an accountant, plumber, carpet cleaner or even interior designer, the way these kind of businesses work is pretty much the same over the last 25 years, but with various changes over the years. Firstly advertising for instance; back 15 years ago the ‘Yellow Pages’ was the place to advertise, then came the inception of the internet and they indeed tried with, but it never really caught on, so the big giants stepped like Google, Yahoo etc. Then with computers becoming quicker, and mobile phone getting smaller then larger and actually faster then we ever expected.

Nowadays marketing plays a massive part of our everyday business advertising, and Online Marketing in Hampshire firm Webfind say: Simply having a website design online is not enough, making sure you get yourself on social media platforms and correctly performing search engine optimisation is an absolute must. But businesses really struggle knowing who to trust or believe, and the whole SEO world is a minefield! But we suggest to check out who they are, what they can do (and prove it) and also meet in person with the company and build a rapport and trustful relationship with both parties.

The truth is that building, maintaining and having staying power is an ambition in itself. But also it can build a sense of achievement in what all of us do in our business, and lastly being able to listen and learn is key. Those who chose not to change or listen simply end up failing somewhere down the line, or at least struggle with life.






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