Carpentry business, and the rich history

Carpentry has been part of a lucrative and skilled area of the building trade for many years, when you think of every building in the UK. A carpenter has worked on some part of the building. Whether this was the making or installing of the roof trusses, doors or frames. But to become a real expert or master in your chosen profession takes years of college training and on-site confidence building and it doesn’t happen over night.

Did you know that carpentry is more suited to a profession, than a company?

Apparently accordingly to data found, there are over 37,000 carpenters employed throughout the UK and other 5,000 Ltd companies and sole traders alone.

We took the time to speak to various carpentry business, of who are professional carpenters and offer carpenter services in Portsmouth and Hampshire areas. We asked them various related questions and here are their answers:

How long have you been a carpenter?
We have been skilled and trained for over 15 years.

What sort of work do you do?
We undertake all sorts really! We have undertaken a small refurbishment project recently on a local pub, which meant we gutted the place and re-vamped it to bring it into the modern world. We also do regular insurance works, which are speedier and re-active, as many of these projects are people’s homes. One recent job was in Portsmouth and their shower had leaked, so we have ceilings pull down and re-do, plus a bathroom re-fit.

Do you work solo or with others?
Most of the time there are just two of us, but also depends on the size of the job in hand.

What do you do for marketing and advertising your business?
We do get a lot of business from word of mouth, but initially we spent money on flyers, business cards and even on Google. As a business you also have to make calls to other companies to generate sales. We recently revamped our carpenters website, and tried to gain more visitors by using social media, this way we can post new and old jobs in which we have completed.

Here are some business tips from Setting up a Business Blog

1. Always start with a business plan, this may be tedious, but it will give you a rough plan to stick by.
2. Decide whether you are going solo, a partnership or whether you are aiming to become a larger Limited company.
3. Pick a name that stands out and looks professional, either your name or a name that represents you and your business.
4. Decide on whether you will work in your area of where you live or whether you will travel. With the cost of a car or van and fuel, this should be taken into consideration.
5. Get the insurance you need, imagine you fit a kitchen and a unit falls of the wall, you’d need to be insured for this.
6. Don’t be someone that expects work to come to them, be a go-getter and go out and get your work.
7. Do a good job!

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