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Thinking of Setting up a Business?

Setting Up A New Business, then don’t do it the hard way.. especially when it’s a small to medium business? With many years in business and our expertise and above all else our knowledge in all aspects of small business we decided in 2012 that it was time to start helping many other people that setting up a business wasn’t as hard as they may think. We truly believe that anyone can start a new company, especially in these tough times with less jobs around and low wages and high living costs we are here to help you.

Need a little help, then look no further..

When starting out we have loads of knowledge in the basics of just starting a company – should it be a sole trader? or a limited company? with so many questions and the high cost of consulting, coaching and solicitors we can provide a solution for when starting a new business that is cost effective. We also have a great experience in design, company naming and taglines that all need to be created and thought about prior to starting any company, this is what we call “Brainstorming”. You will be amazed at how much fun this can be when setting up a small business.

Thinking of Starting up somewhere in the UK?

We absolutely love working with new start ups or young businesses that just need a bit of help in setting up a business UK and building foundations for any new business, this could be on what company to be, what bank to use and how to apply (we also know which banks suit small business), how to raise funds, how to and also which social media platforms are best for my business and do I need them?

Also we provide a marketing or design service including picking a company name for your business. We know how to put together a professional business card and where to get them printed to save time and money, along with providing the knowledge in creating a website including all aspects of hosting and email services. With our wealth of knowledge we are able to help create a very special business for you to build. Once the basics are complete, then is the time to very much push the business in to the best place.

Above all else we provide the help, confidence and support in what we do, and we are always honest in any businesses brought to us. We are also current business directors who have been there, seen it and sort of done it! We can also provide many contacts in different sectors to also help your business.

Have a look through our online business website and if you want a Free starting up a business review then we would be more than happy to help and give our honest opinions. We never look to charge anything in what we do, we just love to advise and help if we can. Some business owners may want lots of help and others just a bit of help in the right direction, either way we like to talk direct with you at first then decide a plan of action. This would obviously be at the telephone, then a arranged meeting.

Please also have a look through our Tips For Setting Up A Business page and there may be some help there for you as a business owner.

Please feel free to email or call us at anytime, we love helping new start-ups or small businesses. Or enter your details to the right and let’s get started!

Setting up a small business

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